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Eisenstadt is a city in Austria, the state capital of Burgenland. It has a population of about 13,165 (2012). In the Habsburg monarchy, Kismarton (Eisenstadt) was the seat of the Eszterházy Hungarian noble family. The composer Joseph Haydn lived there as Hofkapellmeister under Esterházypatronage.


Castles and palaces

  • Schloss Esterházy and Schlosspark, the Esterházy castle and park.
  • Orangerie
  • Gloriette, the former Esterházy hunting lodge.

Religious edifices

  • Bergkirche, housing Haydn's tomb
  • Eisenstadt Cathedral, late Gothic former military church, began in 1460
  • Franziskanerkirche (Franciscan church), Built in 1629, it contains the crypt of the Esterházy family
  • Jewish quarter (German: Judenviertel) of city central (Oberberg)
  • Jewish Community of Eisenstadt (1732–1938, 1945-)
  • Jerusalemplatz & gate, Judengasse (Unterberggasse)
  • Österreichisches Jüdisches Museum and Samnson Wertheimer's house (German: Wertheimer-Haus, the Synagogue of Eisenstadt); there was the chief rabbinate of Hungarian Kingdom: Around Gloriettenallee, Alexander Wolf-Gasse, Meierhofgasse, Museumsgasse, Wertheimergasse, Carl Moreau-Strasse, Alois Tomasini-Gasse, Weingartenstrasse, etc.
  • Jewish cemeteries of Eisenstadt


  • Haydn-Mausoleum
  • Rathaus (City Hall)
  • Pulverturm (lit. "Powder tower")


  • Haydnmuseum, a museum dedicated to Joseph Haydn, who lived in the building between 1766 and 1778.
  • Landesmuseum (regional museum).
  • Österreichisches Jüdisches Museum(Austrian Jewish Museum).
  • Diözesanmuseum (museum of the local Roman Catholic diocese).
  • Feuerwehrmuseum (fire department museum).